Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW Barbie Malibu Dream house 2011 (See Video Below)

Finally on American Shelves after a very long wait...
The NEW Barbie Malibu Dream house!
This is obviously a remake (or Remix) of the original from 1974


Which means you should grab one up as soon as possible
Whether or not you plan to keep it or sell it!
At this particular store there was only 2
Expect these to be rare come October or as soon as commercials star airing.

Another note; Not so sure what being a TRU exclusive will have to do with the item's quality. A simple glance at reviews for Barbie's Three Story Dream Town House and Glam Jet will show you that maybe Mattel has not been know for quality or valuing their customers dollar and has developed a rather poor reputation when it comes to product durability.

Will this hot ticket item suffer the same fate??
You'll just have to check item reviews to find out!

Keep receipts, always check Mattel for extra parts and ALWAYS write and read reviews yourself!

I personally don't like the item  terribly  because of the off scale design. I HATE when the dolls don't actually fit in the rooms or in the furniture. Here, (as with the Town House) you can see on the box (fashionista) Cutie's head sticking out of the roof. Also, the Barbie on the roof top observation deck is way off scale, with roof shingles at her waist (!?). Below, the Sporty (male Fashionista) barely fits at the table.

I HATE that Mattel does this? Why produce items for dolls that they won't fit in?!?!?

** (EDIT) I've just been informed by legendary Barbie Play set collector (NeonRocker)That this house is in fact much smaller than the original. The dolls actually fit in the original house! SHAME!


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